Learn SEO: The Right Way

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There's a lot of free SEO training out there, but most of it is full of outdated, bias and sometimes just plain wrong information.

I've put together the BEST FREE SEO TRAINING in history, putting you on the right path from day one of your SEO journey.

And you can get it for FREE -

Why Would You Want To Learn SEO?

Aside from SEO being an industry that is on track to be worth in excess of $100 BILLION by the end of 2021, it's also one of the most fun & creative careers in the world.

You get to join the #1 industry for mixing technology and marketing.

If you like solving puzzles, building businesses & learning constantly, then SEO is the place for you.

Who Are You To Teach SEO?

I've been in the SEO industry for well over a decade now, contributed over 500 blog posts, dozens of case studies, written 10 books, 2 courses, spoken at 30+ conferences and earned mine & my clients' sites tens of millions of dollars in revenue from search.

There are few other people on this planet that have the experience in this industry that I do, you're in safe hands.

What's Inside This eBook?

This eBook is a complete introduction to SEO for beginners, the chapters include:

  • What Is SEO? - An introduction to the terminology that puts off so many beginners from even wanting to look, making it seem as clear as day.
  • White Hat vs Black Hat - There is a debate in the SEO industry, between two sides. I'll explain what all the fuss is about and who's side you should really be on!
  • How Google & Search Engines Work - Ever wondered how Google knows exactly what you mean every time you search? I'll show you behind the scenes of the search engines.
  • The Foundations of SEO - ALL of the basic techniques you'll need to learn to be able to optimize pages on your website. Don't worry, you don't need to know how to code.
  • The "Other" Search Engines - Whilst most SEOs stick to Google... There are plenty of SEOs making millions with Amazon, Gumroad, eBay, YouTube and even App Store searches.

As well as a bunch of other tips, tricks and golden nuggets throughout.

And best of all? It's totally FREE!

Though you can always chuck a few extra bucks my way if you really feel the need.

I want this!

Set Your SEO Career Up For Success From Day #1 By Learning SEO, The Right Way!

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Learn SEO: The Right Way

84 ratings
I want this!