ECommerce SEO For Shopify

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ECommerce SEO For Shopify

Charles Floate
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[Shopify have made some major improvements to their platform, and with some input from the Head of SEO for Shopify themselves... I'll be re-launching Shopify SEO 2.0 in late October]

Shopify is now the world's leading ECommerce platform, and for damn good reason. It's super simple UI and pricing plans allows you to setup and run an ECommerce store within hours, and normally, without the very expensive development work that usually comes with it.

However, Shopify is fairly limited out of the box for SEO, and that makes it extremely difficult to compete for keywords and start generating sales.

Who Are You To Talk On Shopify SEO?

I've worked with tens of Shopify clients, built several myself and analyzed hundreds more.. This guide is meant to be the definitive guide on how to run a complete and successful SEO campaign for a Shopify store in any niche and can be adapted for any language as well.

What's Inside This eBook?

This 50+ page eBook includes:

  • What Issues You'll Run Into Throughout Your Shopify SEO Work
  • The Best Tools To Use
  • The OnPage SEO Process
  • Keyword Analysis + Identifying Buyer Intent Keywords
  • Developing A Shopify Based Content Plan
  • Running A Shopify Store OnPage Audit
  • Speed Optimization
  • Backlink Auditing 
  • Competitive Link Auditing
  • Building Backlinks (Broken Link Building, Guest Posts & Unlinked Mentions) & At What Shopify Template Pages

This eBook can be consumed by all SEO or digital marketing knowledge levels and is 50+ pages long for a reason.. We go into a ton of detail as ECommerce SEO for Shopify is very simple from a technical perspective, but does take quite a bit of labour and love.

This eBook is totally free, though if you want to drop me a couple of dollars or a review that'd be very much so appreciated!

I want this!
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