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Twitter Takeover

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Twitter Takeover

Charles Floate
31 ratings

Twitter has the single highest engagement per post out of any social network on the planet. Twenty-five percent of US adults use Twitter and 90% of the world's top 100 Billionaires use the platform.

Though my speciality in digital marketing has always been SEO, in 2020 I set out to hit the 10,000 Follower milestone AND make a full-time living from Twitter.

I flew past my 10k target and have pulled in over 5 million organic impressions just 6 months into 2020.

When I hit 10k Followers -

In this eBook I aim to show you the ins and outs of several key abilities it takes to grow on Twitter:

  • Facts & Stats About Twitter's Audience & Size
  • Why You Should Still Use Twitter
  • How To Make A Stand-Out Profile In 15 Minutes or Less
  • Knowing How To Niche Down & Build A Tribe
  • Writing Short but Powerful Tweets That Get High Engagement Rates
  • Scheduling, Hashtags, Timing & More
  • Power & High Engagement Words Taken From Copywriting 
  • Advanced Engagement & List Building Techniques
  • The Case AGAINST Full Twitter Automation 
  • Follower Milestone Strategy Changes

As well as additional bonus tips, real-world examples and the exact tools I use.

Who Is This eBook For?

The teachings in this eBook are for anyone looking to grow an active audience on Twitter or grow an existing audience to new heights. 

The lessons in this eBook are taken from my own experiences of growing to well over 10,000 followers and nearly a million impressions per month, consistently.

This eBook is totally free, though if you want to drop me a couple of dollars or a review that'd be very much so appreciated!

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A 50+ Page eBook On Marketing Techniques For Building & Converting A Twitter Audience.

59 Pages


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