The Best WordPress SEO Strategy (2017)

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In my 3rd eBook released to date, I'll be showcasing a WordPress SEO Strategy that I've developed for over 7 years.

An Introduction to This eBook

I'll show you exactly how to use the world's most popular CMS to dominate Google, using just 5 plugins, a very specific site structure and dive into more advanced OnPage strategies and black hat techniques.

In this eBook you will find:

  • The PERFECT WordPress OnPage Optimization Strategy
  • How to Speed up your Website in 5 Minutes
  • Advanced WordPress OnPage Strategies
  • Advanced Black Hat WordPress Techniques

Find out what I took years to learn, in just 30 minutes.

WordPress Out The Box

We all know it's full of duplicate content issues, bad theme-based settings and requires several plugins just to get a good sitemap and input meta data.

In this eBook I'll show you my EXACT strategies on how to optimize everything within this fantastic CMS, all within just minutes... No Fluff - As per usual with me.

Silo Structure

As a warm-up to this book, I recently released a free Silo Structure video, explaining, in detail... My way of doing Silo Structure, I recommend you check it out before buying this eBook:

Testimonials & Reviews

I decided to send my book out to some of the most well known folks in the industry, here and their thoughts on this eBook, in no particular order:

Max Moore -

Before reading this book I was aimlessly sending backlinks to my site without having my site optimized properly. After spending a few hours applying these methods I saw my rankings skyrocket over the course of a few weeks. Apparently a few hours knocking out your onpage SEO will make your links work a lot better. Huge props to Charles for putting all the info I needed into one book. I would recommend the book to newbies and SEO professionals alike.

Matt Diggity -

The timing was perfect... I was in the middle of writing an SOP for my VA on how to setup Wordpress for money sites and this completely covered it. There is nothing missing here that I can see, and I learned something new as well. 

Andy Nelson -

Easily the best Wordpress guide for setting up a Wordpress site & steps to ensure your onsite SEO is bang on. Great work.

Yashar of -

There's not much that you can do to perfect Wordpress SEO but this is a pretty comprehensive guide. Nice job Charles.

Gareth Bull -

Yup, agreed. Seriously next level. No fluff at all, again - actionable shit that I never thought of. Top work C.

Luke Martinez -

Solid Guide, has everything basically the way I setup my client WP sites. (I use apache pagespeed plugin in addition, but that's a little too technical).
Love the ending stuff, definately will be putting that into play.

Bejamin Hanson -

Just picked this eBook up... and OH MY GOD. I've been using WordPress for years.. Never even heard of some of these plugins, let alone the advanced strategies.. That internal linking trick is freaking GOLD!

James Dooley -

A must read for optimising Wordpress sites - next level shizzle.

Danny Causer -

I definitely picked up a few highly useful pieces of information and plugins. If you feel your onsite optimization could use some work, then this book will certainly save you time trying to figure it all out.

Frequently Asked Questions

I've added a small FAQ section for anyone who's not 100% sure what's inside.

Is This Book White Hat or Black Hat?

The entire strategy that the book is based around is white hat, however I finish it off with advanced black hat strategies for WordPress as well, to give it a good twist too.

How many plugins for WordPress will I need?

I only use 5 plugins in this entire guide, but cover them in extensive detail.

Are any of the plugins paid ones?

2 of the plugins have paid options, I cover this in my eBook. You don't need to have the paid options to be able to carry out anything in this guide. 

Can I use this on the site?

No, you can only use this with the installed version of WordPress on your own website and domain.

How Long is the Book?

As I mention above - this eBook has no fluff. We get straight down to business and everything mentioned in the book is right to the point. Due to this, the book covers everything you'd need to know about Wordpress SEO in over 7,500 words and 16 pages.

Do You Use These Optimization Tips Yourself?

Yes I do - I follow this guide when building my own Wordpress websites. This guide takes you through my process when building sites initially. You should be applying this info directly to your site as soon as you launch it. You can even apply this information before launching the site if you want great results straight away.

I'm New to SEO... Does This Book Hold my Hand?

Putting things simply - yes this book does hold your hand all the way through. You can literally follow each instruction, apply the tips to your own website, and viola, your onpage SEO will be greatly improved. A basic, working knowledge of Wordpress is preferred, but not required.

Do You Use Examples?

If you're not very familiar with Wordpress you're in luck. Throughout the guide I showcase tons of easy examples for you guys to follow. I share screenshots, URL examples, and more so you get an interactive experience as you page through the information. Trust me, I've laid this out in the most easy-to-follow way possible.

How Much Time Will it Take to Apply These Methods?

This depends on your knowledge of Wordpress. If you're new to Wordpress, I would expect it to take you a solid day's work to finish everything in this guide. If you've been working with Wordpress sites and SEO for years, expect to breeze through the information and apply it to your site within a few hours if you have a decent caffeine buzz. Reading the guide will take 30 minutes to an hour if you're just looking for information, however.

Does This Book Talk About Speeding Up My Site?

One problem that plagues almost every Wordpress site is how slowly the site loads. In my Wordpress SEO guide I do talk about speeding your site up as well. We talk about some basic things you can do, as well as some more advanced methods for those of you who have already worked on speed optimization.

Will Google Increase my Rankings?

If you apply the methods in this book, and had terrible onpage SEO beforehand, you're almost guaranteed a rankings increase. Tons of other people have reported seeing their ranking go up after applying these methods, and there's no reason why yours wouldn't as well. By the end of the guide your website will load faster, look better to Google's search robots, and overall everything will be improved. Why wouldn't your rankings increase?

I Hate eBooks That Upsell...Do You?

A lot of eBooks come out with a cheap price of only a few dollars and then it turns out the book is just an upsell to something bigger. Some books come padded with affiliate links as well which can turn an informational BOOK into a sales product. In this book I do the opposite. There are ZERO affiliate links throughout the entire book. My goal here is to provide you guys with value and if I was upselling you the entire time it just wouldn't feel right.

What Happens if I Don't Like the Book?

You'd have to be a fool not to like this book! I can guarantee this is the most complete resource on building and optimizing a Wordpress site that's available on the internet right now, but if for some reason you have an issue with the book, feel free to contact me here on Gumroad and we can try to work something out. If you have further questions just reach out to me before purchasing and I'll do my best to answer them!

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A 16 Page, No-Fluff Specific Guide on The Best WordPress SEO Strategy.

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The Best WordPress SEO Strategy (2017)

0 ratings